Step 4: Acceptance into the Hereafter

A New Kingdom papyrus depiction of the Field of Rushes.

Finally, after the completion of all the steps of his journey, the pharaoh is at his destination in the land of the blessed, often called within the Pyramid Texts the Field of Rushes (Davis, 175).  However, there is some confusion in the Pyramid Texts as to exactly what this afterlife consists of for the pharaoh.  By some accounts he becomes a star, by others he assumes a place on the solar barge as it sails through the sky, by still others he gets a throne in the celestial Hereafter (Davis, 166).  What is generally agreed upon is that this Hereafter, at least for the supposedly divine pharaoh, is in the sky as opposed to later accounts of a subterranean Underworld.


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